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JO! by Creative Jordanis a newley established Fashion Brand presenting its

second Womenswear collection for Spring/Summer ’18.


The Jordanian traditional garments, colours, drawings and embroidery have evolved into an original contemporary  style catering to an international taste.

JO! Is casual, sophisticated, unexpected, modern, dynamic, fresh and timeless.



The Bedouin world has been the main source of inspiration: very easy-to-wear garments, contrasting colors, indigo-Blue dyed fabrics, decorated with a touch of embroidery.


The very unique ‘Diamond’ Jordanian embroidery stitch, that has disappeared in the recent past, has been revived through new geometrical embroidery patterns.

The traditional drawings have been translated intomodern and precious embroideries on the garments. Asymmetric and unexpected embroidered touches create interesting dynamic placements, making the pieces have unusual uniqueness.



The simple straight and ‘A’ line shapes of the traditional garments were developed into

easy-to-wear clothes for a new casual but sophisticated wardrobe,  mostly suitable for daily-wear.

Shirts, shirt-dresses, top and blouses, short jackets and longrobesare the core of the collection.



The traditional Indigo-Blue hand-dyed fabric has been replaced by the contemporary and timeless Denim fabric. Original fiber mixtures create new concepts: the texture of linen, combined with the softness and smoothness of Cotton and Tencel, reaches a sophisticated blend and an unexpected touch.A charming Cotton Sateen Denim combines the feeling of the casual material with a shiny surface. In addition to Denim,our crispy poplin fabric offersa fresh touch to the collection.




JO! Collection is part of CREATIVE JORDAN project and represents a new important step for Jordanian garment industry.


CREATIVE JORDAN is part of the regional project ‘CREATIVE MEDITERRANEAN - Resilience Through Creativity’; Funded by the EU and the Italian Development Cooperation and implemented by the United Nations Organization for Industrial Development (UNIDO).


The aim of ‘Creative Jordan’ is to improve and foster the design and manufacturing process in the garment industry and facilitate the access to local and international markets.


JO! By Creative Jordan is developed in collaboration with the Garment Design &

Training Services Center (GSC) in Amman, and engages a team of Jordanian designers and

local manufacturing factories.



''Empowering Rural Women and Increasing Resilience in the Jordan Valley

The Garment Design & Training Services Center – GSC’S technical design team is working on implementing the ‘Safi Crafts’ in partnership with UNESCO Amman office. UNESCO is supporting a women’s cooperative working to improve their lives by enhancing the production and promotion of their vibrant hand-dyed textiles using naturally sourced colors. Through this initiative the women have re-introduced the cultivation of the indigo plant in Jordan by extracting the navy blue color from the plant. This project promotes cultural diversity, creativity and innovation.

GSC’s design experts have teamed up with the ladies behind the Safi Crafts brand and have developed a new collection inspired by the beautiful nature in the Jordan Valley. GSC ensures to develop the styles and upgrade the products in order to meet the market needs following technical quality standards.  GSC’s technical team is also introducing an updated managerial and financial system in order to strengthen their structure.

The new collection consists of several capsule groups for a variety of products hand dyed and hand printed with natural colors using Indigo, Pomegranate, Maddar and other plant extracts. The Safi Crafts collection presents items such as scarves, cushions, tote bags, beach bags, kaftans all made of 100% cotton fabrics.


"Creating Sustainable Employment in the Garment and Textile Sector in the Karak Governorate" Project

"Creating Sustainable Employment in the Garment and Textile Sector in the

Karak Governorate" Project


The Garment Design & Training Services Center (GSC) has partnered with the Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH to create sustainable employment and ensure good working conditions in the textile and garment sector

in the Karak Governorate in Jordan.


Main Project objectives include:

° Support textile and handicraft Community Based Organizations (CBOs) in Karak working in the local community.

° Improve CBOs operation and performance with particular focus on employment creation.

° Create jobs for job seekers in the garment and textile sector in the Karak Governorate.

° Ensure job sustainability through the "decent work" approach.



JMODA is a bilateral cooperation project between Jordan and Italy, financed by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, aiming at contributing to the development of the Jordanian clothing industry by improving performance, productivity and competitiveness of the Jordanian enterprises.


This project focuses on bringing specific experts for each participating company to work on specific issues rather than hiring generic consultants to tackle sector issues.


GSC, with the support of JMODA has launched Istituto di Moda Burgo-Amman. Burgo has partnered with GSC in implementing a comprehensive training program (Fashion Sketching and Pattern making Courses) to transfer the Italian Know-how to the Jordanian platform.



In partnership with Princess Taghrid Institute for Development and Training"

GSC workshops and functions have spread out to several cities other than the capital; a collaboration with Princess Taghrid Institute for Development and Training (PTI) led us to teach women in less fortunate areas (Jerash, Irbid, Wadi Musa) how to develop pattern making skills in order to produce basic items.






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